Notice And Circular
Arunima Special School

DIRD focus on social responsibility aspect as well while nurturing their future managers. Today there are many children who are suffering from either mental or physical disabilities, choosing a school for a child with a physical disability is a huge decision. It is crucial to find an environment where they receive real care, the right support, specialist attention, as well as an excellent education under the supervision of special educators. “ARUNIMA” is just such a special place. The teachers have experience in special education as well as in their own areas of specialization. They work in collaboration with colleagues from a wide range of disciplines including care and medical staff, therapists and psychologists. This highly skilled and dedicated team, supported by state-of-the-art equipment to aid students with their mobility, communication and education, provide students with the bespoke care and unique educational package that will help them to learn and develop. The students from ARUNIMA School were given various presents on the occasion of our annual fest Rumana – The fest 2K13

Campus Placement