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Dr. Surendra Kumar

Synthesis of Development, Environment Protection and Human Rights D.I.R.D. Rays , DELHI,2016

Curative Petition- Re-exami- nation In Rarest of Rare Case: An Appraisal, D.I.R.D Horizon,DELHI, 2013

Pendency of Cases: Justice Delayed and Justice Denied An Appraisal Journal of Indian Research Mewar University (Raj)

Kya Aapradhik Mamlon Mein Niji Adhivakta Peedit Vyakti Ka Pratinidhitva Kar SaktaHai ? Vidhik Binduon KaAvalokanUchchtam Nyayalay Dandik Nirnay Patrika.

Bharat Mein Gharelu Hinsa Stathi Evam Kanoon Vidhi Sahitya Samachar. Vikas, Suraksha Evam Manavadhikar: Ek Santulit Pahal Ki Avashyakta Uchchtam Nyayala Civil Nirnay Patrika

Motor Durghatna Aur Pratikar: Pravdhan Evam Prakriya- Ek Avalokan Uchchtam Nyayalay Dandik Nirnay Patrika

Chikitsa Sewa Aur Upbhokta sanrakshan Uchchtam Nyayala Civil Nirnay Patrika

A Critique on supreme court judgment on rules for dismissal where appointment was made contrary to the statute.

Consumer’s right to responsible health care.

Dishonor of cheque what is it and how it is done.

Consumer’s protection and doctors Dilemma.

The role of the Consumer disputes redressal forum in maintaining fair business practices in a plural society.

Resale price maintenance: Legal Control.

Bharat Mein Gharelu Hinsa Stathi Evam Kanoon’ published In ‘Vidhi Sahitya Samachar’, New Delhi, July – September, 2013.

‘Pendency of Cases: Justice Delayed and Justice Denied’ published in Journal of Indian Research, Mewar University, Chittorgarh, Oct. – Dec., 2013.

Mr. Saurbh Saxena

“Impact of GST on Indian Economy” in National Conference at IIMT, Delhi.

“Green Marketing in India ” in International Journal of Computational Engineering and Management(ISSN 2230-7893).

“Programming using Aspects ” in Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science(ISSN- 5563-1682)

“Binary Pattern Generation of Poetic order in Sanskrit Poetic Meters” in Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science(ISSN — 5563-1682)

“Energy saving using Cloud computing”” in International Journal of Computational Engineering and Management (ISSN 2230-7893)

“Aspect oriented Programming” at International conference at LIET Alwar

“Assessment and Mapping of Requirement into Software Architecture”” in International Conference at SRMS, Bareilly

Dr. U.S. S.Shrivastav

Estimation of Tax burdens in Agro sectors- sectoral analysis- 1998 – Taxation

Incidence of Fiscal burden analysis on Agriculturist- 1989 Univ. Press

MNCs experience in Indian Economy- 1996, CFAI

Derivatives – A conceptual Analysis -2008, The Capital

Selling Concept to the Capital Goods- 2005,Foreign Policy review

Contravention issues for share transferring – 2000, Capital Market

Nature of the firms’ profitability in Indian context- 2008 Harvard Business School

Brain Drain policy implementation – 2010 Yojna

Managing credit for rural poor lesson from Gramin Bank-2011 Kurukshetra

Critical review for NBFC of public deposits & acceptance – 2011 Corporate Journal

Privatization & human capital growth – 2010 Journal of applied mgmt.

Myth of globalization- 2000,Wall Street

Micro Banking operations for the poor – 2009, Sewa Movement in India

Value creating for Merger- acquisition- facts or folk for? 2010 Acady. of Mgt. Exc.

Setu Samundram project- regional growth- 2009, just career (Spiritual)

Manic Monday In capital Market – 2011 International finance Review

How to start your business-2012 SIDBI Journal

Dr. Sunish Verma

Challenges in developing India

Investment public sector in India

Impact of global economic recession

WTO & Indian Economic

India’s forgion trade Policy


Dr. Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal

Impact of Corporate Taxation on Industrial growth of cement Industry. Vol9 No. 2 (bi-annual)

Dr. Pawan kumar Mishra

Emeging Violence Attitude in Teenagres: A Socialogical Study

Dr. Ambedkar :Social Justice and Reality of today

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Centeral Public sector enterproses

Implementation of CSR Project

Changing Rural System: A overview, DIRD Rays

Causes of Son preference in rural Culture: A Sociological study (in Reference in jaunpur District)

Issue of Imformation and communication technology and gender discrimination

Envionmental problem and human cognition

Abusing and Violence

Dr. Vinod Kumar

“Discrimination and Violence against women with Disabilities: with reference to a study in Uganda”

“Employment Rights of Disabled women in India”

“Use of Narcoties by the physicinas: A Critical Analysis

” Juvenile Delinquency: its Causes and prevention in India”

Mr. Paravesh Rajput

“Growing Terrorism in India vis-à-vis Role of the Armed Forces: An Analysis,DIRD Rays, 2016

Internal Security Challenges for India: A Role of Security Force ,International Journal of Criminal Law-2016

“Conflict Between Human Rights and Anti-Terrorism Laws: An Analysis with Special Reference to India Lexkhoj Journal of Law and Socio-Economic Issues -2017

“Role of India after 21st COP in Paris on Climate Change: How Far it is Benefitted to a Developing Nation to Achieve its Goals of Sustainable DevelopmentIRJMSH-2017

Criminal Courts Without Inherent Power: A Lacuna Under Criminal Law, DIRD Rays, 2015

Diluting Principles of Ancestral Property of Hindu Law: An Analysis, Indian Bar Review 2014

“Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Still Far From Justice Mewar Journal of Law, 2010

Ms. Shivangi Sharma

Need and Scope of Right to information on 24th jan, 2012

Ms. Anjali Singh

Workplace Bullying- An Unnoticed Form Of Voilence In India” , Sodh Samiksha Aur Mulyakan, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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